CONIX RDBM Architects | A green façade for Antwerp’s Sky Building


A green façade for Antwerp’s Sky Building

19 Feb 2016

Intervest Offices & Warehouses and CONIX RDBM Architects are currently working on the radical renovation of the Sky Building located in the Uitbreidingstraat in Berchem, alongside the Antwerp Singel. The entire façade is to be provided with a so­ called ‘Green Wall’ or vertical garden. The office building was constructed in 1998 and has a total gross surface of 5.558 m².

Both parties are also involved in a refit, with the installation of a second RE:flex hub with co­working stations, conference rooms and catering facilities. With an extensive range of common facilities and the new look provided for the building, IOW and CONIX RDBM will  transform the existing office premises to create an attractive contemporary working environment.

In 2006 the building was already partly renovated. In 2015 it got equipped with the latest technology  and the internal office received a complete makeover.


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