04 Nov 2019

CONIX RDBM Architects is always on the move. Now, to do an even better job of tackling the challenges that lie ahead, Pierre Maas has also joined Christine Conix, Jorden Goossenaerts and Frederik Jacobs as a partner at cvba AMP Architectenmaatschap. Until recently, the company was called CONIX RDBM Architectenmaatschap; it is the bearer of the shares of the CONIX RDBM Architects architectural firms in Antwerp, Brussels, Rotterdam and Terneuzen.

Dr of Architectural Engineering, Pierre Maas, is a senior partner at Rothuizen Architecten Stedenbouwkundigen, a Dutch firm that next year will be able to boast a 90-year tradition of designing and building in the fields of healthcare, education, housing and heritage. Moreover, the firm has developed progressive expertise in the areas of sustainability and circularity, building management and heritage. It has two offices, one in Middelburg and the other in Breda. For three professionals at Rothuizen, their tenure as employees will come to an end as they take up their roles as partners. At the same time, three senior partners will gradually scale down their activities. To make all this possible and to use knowledge sharing as a basis for strategic cooperation in the future, AMP Architectenmaatschap has acquired a 50% stake in Rothuizen.

Both architectural firms will continue operating under their own names, in their own fields and sectors.

The world around us is evolving at breakneck speed. And with a view to the future, climate and sustainability are the construction industry’s most pressing issues. Rothuizen has gained significant expertise in the area of circular construction in particular and is one of the Netherlands’ frontrunners. This is sufficient incentive for CONIX RDBM Architects and Rothuizen to join forces and broaden this expertise, to make it possible to employ it in creating architecture that treats the available space with due care and that provides a meaningful and sustainable answer to the client’s wishes and the location and society’s needs. This is the route we aim to take to continue having a positive impact on and to create connections within the built world, both now and in the future.