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Architects In Progress – 60 years NAV

01 Nov 2013

On Friday the 24th of May, the Flemish Architects organisation celebrated their 60th anniversary during the event ‘Architects in progress’.

For the first time, the NAV reached out the so called Jo Crepain Award for Ambassador of Architecture, a distinction to honor an office who has been representing Belgian architecture abroad in a meaningful way. Robbrect & Daem received the award, handed over by our Flemish prime minister Kris Peeters. The award for most promising new office went to denc!-studio. CONIX RDBM Architects, who also was selected for the final stage of the Jo Crepain Award, wishes to congratulate both offices.

Besides the granting of the Jo Crepain Award, the NAV also wished to discuss the progression architects made during the past 60 years and which challenges the future would have in store. During a debate, moderated by news anchor Wim De Vilder, five architects, besides whom Christine Conix (CONIX RDBM Architects), Ward Verbakel (Plusoffice Architects), Piet van Cauwenberghe (ABSCIS Architecten), Kati Lamens (Architectuurbureau Kati Lamens) en Michael Arens (Signum+ Architects), exchanged opinions and clarified their point of view on matters like the future role and tasks of architects, the deontological approach to architecture and the strenuous demands of durable construction.

The Jo Crepain Award, reached out every two years from now on, represents an homage to the architect Jo Crepain, a symbolic and influential figure among Belgian architects. Jo Crepain passed away in 2008. Way to early.


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Photography by Francis Tilborghs