CONIX RDBM Architects | Book ‘Dames met Pit’ featuring Christine Conix


Book ‘Dames met Pit’ featuring Christine Conix

28 Oct 2014
Dames met pit2

On Tuesday October 14 Edith Vervliet’s book called ‘Dames met pit’ was officially released in Brussels. During the Antwerp book fair, on Tuesday November 4, there will be a second release, alongside a debate between several contributors.

The book bundles the interviews with 20 women who have earned theirs strips in their field of interest. Our CEO Christine Conix is one of those women talking among others about expertise, commitment, passion and how the office has grown over the years to become CONIX RDBM Architects.

Besides Madame Conix other women such as Anne Chapelle and Catherine De Bolle, to name a few, participated as well. ‘Dames met pit’ is now available in bookstores and can be ordered via our PR-address on the contact page.