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CONIX RDBM exemplifies international ambitions

31 Oct 2013

In the aftermath of the Jo Crepain Awards, reached out by the NAV on the 24th of May, the website is showcasing the shortlist of the nominees of the aforementioned award. Based on one particular theme, Architectura wished to further introduce the nominated architects to their readers: CONIX RDBM Architects exemplifying their international ambitions.

The unified CONIX RDBM Architects is undergoing a lot of exciting changes nowadays. Both characterized by a positive eager to further expand and develop, the two bureaus are joining forces since March to reinforce their national as well as international presence. Especially the latter tickled the curiosity of Architectura as they wished to know how the fusion between both companies could consolidate and even leverage their international ambitions.

All three architects and fellow-directors, Christine Conix, Frederik Jacobs and Jorden Goossenaerts, are proud of their respective past, but prefer looking forward as they are convinced that the future has some bright opportunities in store. Strengthened by a multicultural team and complementary portfolios, CONIX RDBM is ready to become a prominent international player.

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