CONIX RDBM Architects | CONIX RDBM wins pitch HZ Middelburg


CONIX RDBM wins pitch HZ Middelburg

14 sept. 2015

CONIX RDBM Architects has been granted a new project after participating in a pitch organised by the HZ University of Applied Sciences.

HZ Middelburg, also known as Hogeschool Zeeland, is opening a dependence building in the former office of the province Zeeland located at Het Groene Woud in Middelburg (The Netherlands).

The assignment was to transform the existent building into a high school with a contemporary look and feel. The concept of our approach is inspired by the building’s location, adjacent to the boarder of a bastion. The connection with its environment comes alive in the school’s square, façade and interior.

The start of the construction process is scheduled for June 2016. As of September 2017 the so called Delta Academy will open its doors for 450 students. Within 5 years that number should increase to 1200. Today already 4800 students are following an high school education at HZ University of Applied Sciences.

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