CONIX RDBM Architects | Construction process ‘Curalia’ in full progress


Construction process ‘Curalia’ in full progress

25 Mar 2014

The project ‘Curalia’ comprises the construction of an office building, composed of two parts of which one is located adjacent to the road and the other more stretched out to the back resulting in a courtyard. Closely linked to the well-known ‘Law street’ and the Brussels European quarter, its location is quite unique.

The front part of the office building is seven levels high and functions as the head office. Only two levels high and serving as some sort of ‘pavilion’ in the heart of the courtyard, the second part contains the collective spaces such as polyvalent rooms, a cafeteria.. as well as an underground parking lot.

Our ambition was to obtain a maximum of luminosity inspiring us to entirely implement the ground floor of the building in glass. In this way pedestrians would have a great view on the courtyard. Moreover this transparent ground floor equals in height to the ones of the neighboring buildings guaranteeing its integration in the urban tissue. Both front and back volumes are connected via a gallery which runs throughout the building.

Besides this transparency, another characteristic feature is the façade of the front volume. Its concept is closely linked to the rotation of the sun: it allows an optimal amount of natural sunlight without risk of overheating. This sun-shading structure also reinforces the verticality of the adjacent buildings. The façade of the back volume retakes this verticality and preserves the building’s luminosity.