CONIX RDBM Architects | Construction site progress ‘Private residence’


Construction site progress ‘Private residence’

15 Apr 2014

Located close to Antwerp, this private residence envisions a clear alignment whereby the interior and exterior intertwine and even reinforce each other. Especially the rural environment had to be incorporated into the building. By using large windows and relating the lines of the parquet with the ones of the terraces and façade, the distinction between inside and outside is reduced to a minimum.

Our client wanted to translate the ‘Less is More’-principle into his house without substituting his need for comfort. He envisioned a place where he could spend the rest of his life, together with his family and friends. This resulted in an elevator, a studio for someone providing home care service, wider doors and all areas free of doorsteps. All this without neglecting his wish for timeless architecture.

Not only the program reflects durability and the ambition to build for future generations, also the materials are carefully selected in this way. The choice of polished concrete and teak for the façade and the use of modern building techniques make the house future proof.