CONIX RDBM Architects | Scale model of Cogels Osylei in Antwerp exposition


Scale model of Cogels Osylei in Antwerp exposition

11 Sep 2014

A model of our famous project Cogels Osylei has been used in a new exhibition in Antwerp, called ‘Modellenwerk’. The exhibition shows various models of historical Antwerp buildings and illustrates the most important milestones in the construction history of the city.

The Cogels Osylei project is known for its eclectic architecture. By its individuality and design, its use of primary colours and above all the contrasting effect with its surroundings, this building is meant to represent the late 20th century and offer a counterbalance in this formally exuberant setting.

The local television channel ATV made a short report of the expo and even interviewed the current owners of the house. You can watch the video here.

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