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How to use valuable heritage in favor of citizens

16 Jan 2015
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Veerle Follens, manager research at CONIX RDBM and author of the recently published book ‘Maatschappelijk verantwoord vastgoed’, wrote an article (download) for the TerZake Magazine on how to use valuable heritage again in favor of the citizens.

The article is a brief summary of her book in which she pinpoints the challenges we are facing on the topic of durable real estate. Thorough research shows a discrepancy between demand and supply resulting in acute shortages in terms of quality and quantity in the short run (and also in the long run if we don’t react appropriately).

The book suggests to rethink the framework currently dominating the debate. Instead of polarizing, we should emphasize the strength and value of co-creation and public partnership.

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The book ‘Maatschappelijk verantwoord vastgoed’ is available in various bookstores or can be ordered via the PR address on our contact page.