19 Nov 2020
Picture KBC

CONIX RDBM Architects, together with LiPS, is creating ‘future memory’

ION and the Katoen Natie Groep, in collaboration with CONIX RDBM Architects, their partner LiPS and an expanded team, have won the tender process for the KBC Tower. The iconic Boerentoren will be converted into a unique ‘culture tower’. This is an extraordinary gift to the people of Antwerp, the Flemish population and international visitors.

The collaboration has resulted in culture becoming the heart of the monument. With spaces for temporary and long-term exhibitions, art depots, a restoration workshop, statue garden, film hall, auditorium, panoramic rooms, bookshop and more, the Boerentoren will gain a place of its own between the other major heritage and culture institutions in the city of Antwerp. The ‘culture tower’ will soon expand the attraction of the city on the Scheldt river as a true cultural magnet.

Impact, connection and circularity have been processed in the concept. With a new public passage way, we allow the heart of the building to be seen and experienced. By emptying the core of the building and introducing a new dome, we invite light into the ground floor. Entering and remaining in the vertically oriented neighbourhood is an unforgettable experience full of culture, culinary experiences and beautiful scenographic views, both inside and outside.

The cultural element will also be combined with future-oriented retail stores on the ground floor and the first floor alongside the Schoenmarkt, Meirbrug and Eiermarkt. Visitors will be able to wander through the building. A mix of food and leisure will deliver a shopping experience.

In the narrow section of the tower—from floors 11 to 23—we will be making apartments that have the feel of times gone by. The cherry on top will be an observatory and a panoramic hall spread over the three uppermost storeys—floors 24 to 26—so that everyone is able to fully enjoy the exceptional 360° views.

As an Antwerp-based architectural agency, we are particularly proud that, with our partner LiPS, and in collaboration with ION and the Katoen Natie Groep, we will constructing an iconic monument that writes a new page in the history of Antwerp.


The team:


Katoen Natie Groep


Stad Antwerpen

LiPS (Stedenbouwkundig bureau)

ARUP (Design Consultant)

CONIX RDBM Architects (Architect)

ORIGIN (Architect erfgoed)

Dr Paul Huvenne (Museum- en cultuurexpert)

Dr Katharina Van Cauteren (Museum- en cultuurexpert)

JLL (Consultant Retail)

Creneau International (Consultant Food & Leisure)

B2ASC (Specialist Asbestwerken)

BM Engineering (Studiebureau Technieken)

NEY partners (Stabiliteitsingenieur)

Triple B advisors (Bouwkostenmanager)

Daidalos peutz (Studiebureau Bouwfysica)