CONIX RDBM Architects | Kick-off construction process ‘De Voorkempen – Pauwelslei’


Kick-off construction process ‘De Voorkempen – Pauwelslei’

07 Mar 2014

The project ‘Pauwelslei’ entails the construction of 52 social apartments with parking space, group and private gardens and the spatial organization of the domain in Brasschaat.

Characteristic of ‘Pauwelslei’ are the small scale housing blocks with a sequence of different typologies. This approach gives a human scale to the project and allows the inhabitants to easily identify themselves with their own house, while at the same time it also diversifies the scenery.

When designing we paid a lot of attention to the existing greenery by integrating the housing blocks in a durable and ecological way. All single-family houses and ground floor apartments are equipped with a private garden and parts of the public space can be used as a public garden to stimulate social contact. There will also be a playground, closely situated to the nearby school, and a public square. The roadways will be thoughtfully implemented in order to avoid traffic hindrance in the heart of the site and to promote the use of soft mobility.

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