CONIX RDBM Architects | Kick-off construction process ‘De zaat’


Kick-off construction process ‘De zaat’

06 Mar 2014

The construction process of the residential project ‘De Zaat’ in Temse kicks of this month. CONIX RDBM Architects designed one of the residential towers, named ‘Aleca’, for this ambitious initiative that is part of a broader master planning envisioning a qualitative living environment in Temse.

The project is situated at the Boelwerf, a Belgian shipyard that produced ships from 1829 until 1994, alongside the river ‘De Schelde’. History tells us that one of the ships produced at the Boelwerf was called ‘Aleca’, inspiring the project developers of De Zaat to name the tower after this ship.

The high-rise construction contains 43 apartments, an office space and an underground parking. The tower is characterized by a dynamic façade obtained through a playful use of protruding terraces. To even reinforce this dynamic aspect various window sizes will be implemented in the white façade.

Its location in a curve of ‘De Schelde’, creates a visual connection with the entrance bridge of Temse and offers an extended view on the natural landscape on the opposite side. All towers of the master plan are arranged in such a way that an optimal amount of natural light and wide views are guaranteed. The concept is the result of an in-depth research of the most optimal orientation of both Aleca and the current towers.

For more information on this project, please visit the website of De Zaat.