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Kick-off Molenkant in Harelbeke

22 oct. 2015

Last Friday October 9 the councilor of Harelbeke, project developer DCB and CONIX RDBM Architecs laid the first stone of project Molenkant in Harelbeke, a residential development of 179 apartments alongside the river Leie.

The project is located on the former industry site of the Groeninghe Ververij, between the city center of Harelbeke and Kuurne. Molenkant combines urbanity and a green environment since the site is boarded by the Leie and closely linked to a green natural area, called Moleneiland, situated on the other side of the river.

The 179 apartments are divided into six buildings varying in height between six and eight layers. The surface of the apartments is between 62m2 and 100m2. There are 179 subterranean parking lots and 90 more aboveground.

The concept of dividing the apartments into six buildings aims at an architecture with respect to the human scale resulting in semipublic places where inhabitants and visitors can meet, interact and relax. Two buildings have a nod at the front significantly improving the view towards the river and the surroundings.

The materials relate to the context. The façade is made of brick, with plate material in between. The other parts are in plaster. Although the amount of materials is rather low, the different façades are still dynamic while maintaining their uniformity. The playfulness is even more reinforced by windows getter bigger towards the head of the buildings.

Project Molenkant will be delivered spring 2016.

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