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Kick-off Parish hall in Schilde

30 okt 2015

On Monday October 26 we celebrated the kick-off of our project Parish Hall located in Schilde, near Antwerp. Our approach is based on the philosophy to connect people and culture in the heart of the city center. The Parish Hall is a highly accessible ‘cultural villa’ with a strong focus on sustainability and functionality.

On the ground floor the Parish Hall holds a cafeteria, restaurant and lounge. Adjacent to the cafeteria there’s a large terrace on the south. Occupying a central position in the design, the main concert hall receives and sets out as all other rooms are intelligently located around this central core. The main hall’s capacity is 300 persons. Additionally a second room can receive up to 120 people. The upper level comprises the janitor’s residence and various polyvalent rooms which will be used by several societies, such as the cultural services department of Schilde and the local music school.

For its design we were inspired by simplicity, durability and functionality. We focused on a strong inside out coherence by implementing large windows. Different colors in the façade lead to a dynamic look. The used materials are beige ceramic tiles and plates in dark anthracite. By implementing various sustainable measurements the Parish Hall will receive the BEN-label which stands for Bijna Energieneutraal or almost energy-neutral.

The delivery is scheduled spring 2017.

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