16 Jun 2021
Frederik Jacobs (2)

CONIX RDBM Architects, MAX-partner of Madaster Belgium
CONIX RDBM Architects is one of the MAX-partners that want to financially support the development of Madaster Belgium. After the Netherlands, a Madaster was already introduced in Germany, Switzerland and Norway. Now it is Belgium’s turn. The launch event took place on Wednesday.

The Madaster is a concept developed by the Dutch-German architect and circular thinker Thomas Rau. It is a register of all materials, products and building elements that are used in buildings. The Dutch Madaster developed a digital materials passport for buildings. This passport is a crucial link in enabling circular construction. The system supports circular business models in the building sector by creating transparency about the nature and value of reusable components in a building. A materials passport can give an enormous boost to the effective reuse of materials. Of course, it only becomes interesting when there is a lot of data -buildings- on the platform.

Frederik Jacobs, CEO at CONIX RDBM Architects: ‘We want to design for positive impact. It is very important for us to be able to connect information, specifically to connect the availability of materials in existing buildings with the designs and future transformations and construction of new buildings. With Madaster, there is finally a digital platform for this.’