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Start city center development Nador

04 Oct 2013

After  winning the prestigious competition in the light of the city center development in Nador, the Moroccan King himself praised our design and officially initiated the start of the construction.

Nador, a port town in the northeast of Morocco, is situated in the administrative region called ‘l’Oriental’ and is adjacent to the Laguna of Marchica. The ambitious project to ‘redraw’ the city center of Nador is part of a far more extended vision that wishes to enhance the touristic and economic aspect of the total area that is enclosed by the Laguna of Marchica. The construction area can be divided in seven subzones, of which we will be redrawing the zone formerly used as local airport.

The project contains among others the construction of a new mosque, a hospital, cultural and sportive centers and the ‘Medina’, a place for traditional and commercial services. Besides these rather architectural realizations, we will also develop a mobility plan, that will connect the new city center with the existing city and will assure the transition with the rural environment.

This stirring project further testifies to our international ambitions and constitutes an acknowledgement of our architectural approach, characterized by durable construction and by respect for ecological and cultural aspects.

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