CONIX RDBM Architects | Official opening B-DNA Office in Singapore


Official opening B-DNA Office in Singapore

31 Mar 2016

Earlier this month, B-DNA short for Belgian Design Nature Architecture, celebrated its ‘Open Day’ in Singapore.

B-DNA is a project driven by Belgian architects, engineering companies, master planners (B-Studio) and manufacturers of architectural and design products (B-House) who share 30+ years of partner experience and research & design in the construction business in Europe with a strong focus on offering sustainable and energy efficient design and an interest in exploring joint business opportunities in the Southeast Asian region.
Apart from being a business facilitator and opportunity generator, B-DNA also aims to be a cultural interface for sustainable and energy efficient design.

Following companies take part in B-Studio: OMG (planners, urban and regional designers), Ney & Partners (civil engineering specialized in bridges and special structures), Detoo (healthcare architecture), Crepain Binst Architechture, CONIX RDBM architects, Boydens Engineering – M&E engineering, AAVO Architects

The B-DNA office has been operational since July 2015 and spent the past months introducing B-DNA to various stakeholders in Singapore: architectural and engineering firms, government departments responsible for planning, housing, infrastructure and built environment, and universities and research organizations.

The Belgian consortium has chosen Singapore as its base because of its ideal position to tap into Southeast Asia’s growing market. From that perspective, the strategic role of Singapore is comparable to that of Brussels in Europe.