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Atrium Zuidas

Interior design of an office building

  • Michael van Oosten

    ©Michael van Oosten

  • Michael van Oosten

    ©Michael van Oosten

  • Michael van Oosten

    ©Michael van Oosten


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The Netherlands



A newly designed Atrium will stand the test of time

The philosophy, vision, architecture and cutting edge technology establish the iconic Atrium as one of the prime business locations in Amsterdam for multinationals to plant their roots. This unique and distinguished building is being modernised to offer hospitality in the ultimate working and living environment with the highest standards of design, refinement and sustainability.

The Atrium has the look and feel of a high-end 5 star luxury hotel lobby and lounge area, but it is still very much an office workplace. There is a large amount of space to relax for a coffee with a colleague, or to hold an informal business meeting in one of the private booths.

The goal was to actualize a demure and modest ambience with a feeling of hospitality and a sense of coming home. CONIX RDBM Architects has been entrusted with the challenge of combining the old with the new and creating a warm and homely atmosphere throughout the prestigious Atrium building.

As you enter the Atrium, there is an immediate feeling of space and light from the outside and this is balanced with the neutral tones of brown, beige and cream of the furniture and decor. The comfortable sofas, cushions and floor rugs are all uniquely different in style, design, colour and size, but they all complement each other and come together as a whole. A simple continuous theme runs throughout the interior and furnishings with an element of uniqueness. With minimal intervention we tried to bring out the greatest possible homely atmosphere. We have changed the decor to a warm colour scheme using raw materials including copper in the existing columns and replacing the marble with wood.

To the left of the entrance there is a grand elegant staircase leading to the new reception area. The dark granite stairs match the dark granite floors and this – combined with the wood effect on the walls – reflects the grandeur of the building. This style encapsulates the signature stamp of CONIX RDBM Architects’ work. We try to create a dynamic environment with lots of contrasts that can be exciting and surprising, but one that has to remain minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing and professional. From the beginning, our philosophy was to make a connection between the inside and outside, to ensure the flow of warmth could radiate from the inside into the newly designed garden. There are some interesting new developments inside the building that create high-definition and high-tech active communication signage. It is important to keep a consistent theme throughout the entire building, and yet for every part to have its own identity.