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CONIX RDBM Architects and c [ak’sent] interieurarchitecten are launching CONIX COOL INTERIOR under the leadership of Nancy Cool. As structural partners, we are joining forces and setting out a new course for our interior architecture department.

Together, we rely on years of experience in interior architecture and have a rich portfolio of interior projects. We work with excellent professionals and strive for quality. Hence, we have a lot of strong assets to expand CONIX COOL INTERIOR. Considering we cover all disciplines – architecture, urban planning and interior architecture – in house, this is the ideal combination to build an even better overall product. We offer our interior clients a total experience with personal guidance and this with all the advantages and structure of a professional organisation.

Nancy Cool will lead the CONIX COOL INTERIOR team and is always the personal point of contact for interior architecture. She is ultimately responsible for the design of each of our interior projects. Nancy Cool has all the expertise in house as well as the necessary creativity. Through her fashion training, which she followed before completing her education as an interior designer, she dares to think out of the box and colour outside the lines, yet follow clean lines. It is interior architecture with impact.

Our new team consists of a dozen creative professionals with expertise and experience in different sectors: residential, retail, office and business buildings, renovations and housing. With this scale- we can expand the existing portfolio in the hospitality and hotel sector, in healthcare and healthcare buildings as well as the leisure environment.