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Wooden City Karspeldreef bv - Under the leadership of Great Grey Investments




The Netherlands


new construction


Mixed project



The Ensemble on Karspeldreef 14-16 in Amsterdam Zuidoost is a mixed-use new construction project with two residential towers, about 5,000 m² of base plinth and about 19,000 m² of office space. The urban development vision in this area of Amsterdam makes it possible to accommodate high-rise buildings. The constellation of building volumes will play an important and integral role in defining the urban profile and the adjacent public area.

On a high plinth with social space (a health centre with pharmacy, a youth talent centre and a social district team) and commercial spaces (catering, sports and office facilities, and underground car park for cars, scooters and bicycles), the residential towers offer space for various target groups. In addition, a bicycle shed will be built on the ground floor “in the heart of the building”, accessible from both sides via “pockets”.

The towers will have a clear residential quality, contributing to the varied image of Bullewijk. The towers will contain a total of 592 rental flats with good orientation and large outdoor spaces. The new residential complex will consist of modern flats in three rental segments for residents in various stages of their residential careers. The residences have maximum façade widths and many have diagonal orientation with low parapets in order to achieve the best possible interaction between the residents and the public space.

The tallest tower of 119 m will be at the corner of Karspeldreef and Spoorpark. It accompanies the spacious urban profile of Karspeldreef and functions as a cornerstone and urban focus for the location and the neighbourhood. From the south side, the tower has a special architectural expression. By means of the curved façade, the plinth tower articulates, or blends, the plinth and the tower into a whole. The cascaded or stepped façade creates a contemporary image, an icon on a higher scale. A stacked grid of building elements gives a rigid and static image. The longitudinal façades are given a completely different effect. The horizontal undulating façade bands with sporadic protruding balconies form dynamic façade architecture. The lower residential tower (98 m) is positioned diagonally across from this tower and at the other corner of the plot. A slight angle shift in relation to the building line of the plot gives the tower a stand-alone identity, almost free-standing and thus clearly oriented towards the surrounding urban fabric. This tower is given a clear residential character. Various outdoor space typologies (protruding balcony, loggia and walled-in balcony) give the façade a three-part layout. The base, the middle and the top provide a clearly legible and classical image. The third building section is the plinth. It has six storeys with a double-height, transparent plinth that establishes a maximum relationship with the surrounding area. The plinth will shape the urban street profile, image and activity. The “private” public space on the plot will be interwoven with the adjacent public space of the surrounding streets. The profile of Bullewijkpad will be widened in places by means of an inwardly pleated façade and will have a canopy along its entire length. Along Hullenbergweg, a pocket is provided, an entrance for the bicycle shed and the entrance to residential tower 2. This ‘pocket’ provides the street with a jump in scale and supports the ambition of the domestic character of the street. Along Karspeldreef, another large canopy will be constructed, more formal and with a generous indentation that marks the entrance to residential tower 1 and the office entrance.  At the Spoorpark, another canopy and small pocket will be provided to enter into the relationship with the ground level and to activate the social facility. In short, pockets and canopies will contribute to the enlivenment and dialogue with the neighbourhood. Special attention will be paid to the public space, so that this public space also has its appeal to visitors from outside. It is a good and pleasant place to stay for the residents, but it can just as well become a meeting place for the entire neighbourhood. The spatial and architectural interpretation of the project area has the potential to become a meaningful place.

A BREEAM procedure is being followed for the offices in the project. For the time being the ambition level is Excellent (4 stars) based on the BREEAM-NL New Buildings and Renovations 2014 v2.0 guideline.


For more information on the BREEAM procedure, click here. (This text only exits in Dutch)

Van Belle & Medina – CONIX RDBM Architects