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Office building capturing corporate philosophy of creating ‘architectural lighting'

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  • Serge Brison

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  • Serge Brison

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  • Serge Brison

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Kreon PLC






New construction


Office building, warehouse and showroom


To be determined

Gross Surface Area

Approx. 4.613 m²

Construction Formula

Traditionel tender


A cross-pollination of lighting and architecture

CONIX RDBM Architects collaborated with Kreon to create the new headquarters for Kreon in Opglabbeek. For the concept and development, CONIX RDBM Architects put their heads together with Kristof Pycke, the art director at Kreon. The result is a surprising cross-pollination of lighting and architecture. The philosophy followed by Kreon over the past 15 years is integrated into every detail of the building: creativity and technical innovation are essential elements in the company’s culture. They are reflected in the design of the new building.



The entire building breathes the Kreon company philosophy: simplicity and purity. The design aims for a classic appearance with sober, timeless architecture. As a result, the abundant light streams unhindered throughout the open structure. As a lighting manufacturer, the company draws its inspiration from the architecture and interior design of the ’20s and ’30s. The influence of the Bauhaus architecture is recognisable in the symmetry, the repeating elements and the tight geometric shapes of the Kreon products. Right angles and lines are the basic shapes of modern architecture. Kreon uses them in their lighting products and in the architectural design of their new office building. The cleverly simplistic design gives the space a universal and timeless character. And in the building, they are in evenly balanced dialogue.

The lighting fittings do not stand out anywhere in the new building. Logical, because they were designed from an architectural perspective, not on the basis of their light radius. They therefore blend seamlessly into the total concept. The same holds true for other Kreon products such as climate ceilings and signalisation. The Kreon products, as well as sunlight, contribute to the marriage between light and shape. Light streams freely through the glass façade, bathing the building’s interior.

The generously lit spaces offers a sense of clarity and freedom – strengthened by the modest colour palette. White and black act as the overtones both inside and out. They respectfully interact with each other on the walls and floors, while the black ceiling expresses an engaging monologue. The materials used have a noble simplicity: wood, brick, glass and metal. The primary building blocks of architecture – such as the brick walls – are presented unabashedly to visitors.

Symmetry and repetition create a feeling of peace and regularity throughout the headquarters. Even the inbuilt cupboards, furniture and lighting elements comply with the uniform cadence of the building.