CONIX RDBM Architects | Oosteroever Baelskaai 12
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Oosteroever Baelskaai 12

Residential tower & commercial spaces

  • Baelskaai 12 -1
  • Baelskaai 12 - 3
  • Baelskaai 12 -01
  • Baelskaai 11 - 01
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AGSO, Oosteroever plc (Bouwgroep Versluys & CFE)






new construction



Gross Surface Area

approx. 4.664 m²


An iconic tower in Ostend

As part of the urban renewal policy being implemented by the City of Ostend, two Public Private Partnership competitions were held by the AGSO (Autonoom Gemeentebedrijf Stadsvernieuwing Oostende) in 2008. They were developed to ensure the selection of a suitable private partner for the complete reconversion and development of a multifunctional part of the city found on the Oosteroever maritime site. NV Oosteroever, in conjunction with CONIX RDBM Architects, won both these competitions.

With their masterplan for the Oosteroever east bank area, CONIX RDBM Architects designed the largest development project seen on the Belgian coast for many years. With 120,000 m² of above-ground surface area giving rise to 1,200 residential apartments, 90 per cent of which will enjoy a view of the sea, this high-quality residential project will deliver a new energy to the east of Ostend. Progressive architecture, a well thought-out building method, the use of the post-tension technique for terraces with swimming pools (a world first), and eye-catching, polished white architectonic decorative cement will all combine to make Baelskaai 12 a unique project in its field.



The first partial project includes the redevelopment and reconversion of the dock areas, as well as the first building block of the industrial grid bordered by the Baelskaai and the Fortstraat. On this street corner, one of the high-building sections of the site will be constructed: the ‘Baelskaai 12’ tower is a 14-storey residence with 49 apartments. The architecture differs to that of the typical coastal buildings, but still fits in harmoniously with the surrounds.

The composition and size of the lower floors of the tower façade ensure a tranquil dialogue with the materials and architecture planned for future, neighbouring buildings. The tower will offer increasingly more free space in its higher storeys: it is broader higher up than it is at the street level. This allows a certain dynamic to be created above, with a noticeable sculptural effect as a result. Based on this concept, use will be made of the upper storeys to create a large variation in the type of apartments that can be incorporated.

Although the dynamic construction for the façade is already an architectural high point in itself, the two swimming pools on levels 11 and 14 are genuine world firsts. Elsewhere in the world, swimming pools often exist in the plans alone, while for Baelskaai 12, they are being created in reality. The structure of the swimming pools overhangs the façade and is a combination of cement walls and post-tensioned floor plates. The overhang will be made of cement walls that are aligned between the post-tension floor plates that move the pole of the structure.