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Project Molenkant is BEN

26 Oct 2015

Last week the construction process of project Molenkant in Harelbeke kicked off. 75% Of all apartments have an E-value below 30, or are BEN.

BEN stands for Bijna-energieneutraal
Bijna-energieneutraal or almost energy neutral is a label used for buildings using less energy for heating, cooling, sanitary warm water and ventilation. Moreover the used energy comes from renewable sources. Hence the name BEN.

As of 2021 constructing according BEN will become standard in Flanders, Belgium and Europe. By that time the demands in terms of E-value should be 30 or lower, i.e. BEN-level.

Molenkant and BEN
More than 75% of all apartments carry the BEN-label. These energy performances are obtained by a heating system generated by a waste incinerator in Harelbeke. In addition all the apartments have thermic isolation and optimal ventilation systems resulting in an E-value below 30. Molenkant is BEN!

Source: Website Molenkant