CONIX RDBM Architects | Ron de Goeij nominated as Chairman of the RIDA
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Ron de Goeij nominated as Chairman of the RIDA

08 Jun 2023

Ron de Goeij nominated as chairman of the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects


Today, Ron de Goeij of CONIX RDBM architects was nominated by the appointment advisory committee to the Members’ Council as chairman. The committee believes that Ron de Goeij combines business acumen with a strong connecting capacity. His manner of presentation, chairman-technical skills, his sensitivity and his communication style give the committee the confidence that the candidate is able to build a solid and authoritative profile as chairman, both outside the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects and within the association, in order to function effectively as chairman for all members.

The Board of the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects advises the Members’ Council to adopt this nomination. The Council of Members will decide on the nomination on June 22. The Appointments Advisory Committee consists of one member of the Members’ Council, one board member and the interim director.


Ron de Goeij:

I am extremely motivated to dedicate myself to the collective interest of our architectural industry. The sector is relevant, but must remain so: we are under pressure. The current economic headwind only makes this more urgent. Together we must ensure a healthy sector: only then can we guarantee the quality of our contribution to the built environment, and only then can we ensure that we remain relevant,’ said Ron de Goeij about his motivation for the presidency.


On 27 March 2019 a vacancy for a new chairman was opened, for which all members could apply. The Appointments Advisory Committee analysed all nominations and held interviews with candidates. The committee drafts a recommendation to the Council of Members, on which the Board can give advice. The board then sends the nomination of the committee and the advice of the board to the members’ council. According to the procedure adjusted by the Members’ Council in 2021, the Appointments Advisory Committee must present a single nomination to the Members’ Council. If the nomination is approved, the Council of Members then appoints the candidate as chairman. The appointments committee consists of Don van Dasler (member of the members’ council), Edward Schuurmans (member of the board, chairman of the committee) and Han de Groot (interim director).


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