CONIX RDBM Architects | TEAM


Christine Conix

Christine is an architect whose vision on architecture is one of a kind. She knows perfectly how to bring functionality and aesthetics together and she outshines in the conceptualization of her projects. Her initial approach has always been the same: find a unique answer to each place.

Jorden Goossenaerts

Jorden is an architect with a postgraduate degree in real estate. He is an excellent communicator and always succeeds in focussing on the essence of client’s needs. He continuously challenges stakeholders to reveal ‘the question behind the question’ in order to find the most optimal solutions.

Frederik Jacobs

Frederik is an architect with a master’s degree in building management. He understands the art of inspiring and encouraging designers and professionals. He always focuses on the feasibility of a project and manages the social responsibility of the company’s core business.




Our team of highly-educated, motivated and ambitious team members is the keystone of our company. We are unique because of the mixture of competencies, academic background, ages, nationalities and cultures.

This multidisciplinary team composed of 65 individual team players is not restricted to internal boundaries and works cross disciplinary, in function of the demands of each specific project.

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