15 oct. 2020

When women build

It is only very recently that women architects have been recognised as builders in their own right. Charlotte Perriand’s work was for a long time associated with that of Le Corbusier, even though it was not limited to the decoration of his interiors and had its own particular identity. Posterity has rightly recognised the elegance of Eileen Gray’s creations rather than the relevance of the work of Jean Badovici, her one-time companion. Any one of them could claim ‘I am not a woman architect, I am an architect’, right up there with the most famous of them all, Zaha Hadid. The four Belgian architects we have selected have earned their reputation on the fertile ground of minimalist architecture but have enriched it with a solid dose of humanity by opening the dialogue with their partners, by working with their finger on the pulse of the evolutions of society, with its impacts on everyday
and domestic life and on the urban space. They come up with sustainable solutions that disregard fashions in order to enter into a dialogue with future generations, because they do not build to remove the mistakes of the past. They are not concerned with ego battles, but with creating comfortable ‘living machines’ that express themselves through their authenticity and generosity, their finest qualities…

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