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02 Oct 2020
archiweek 2

ARCHIWEEK – Architectural Days

Join and visit MULTI October,  10 and 11

Archiweek opens the doors to contemporary architecture in the Brussels Region. The guided tours of contemporary creations are organized by Urban. Urban invites a Commissioner to share their insightful views on our MULTI project and some other nineteen contemporary creations in Brussels during Archiweek, the weekend of October 10 and 11, 2020

Fundamental acts

Architecture forms the background of our social activities and in turn shapes them. In order to contribute to any societal shift, architectural production needs to change the tools defined by our current systems that are primarily aimed at maximizing efficiency and production. We are at a time of intense questioning about the future – sparked by covid-19, but simultaneously interrogating the much broader thmes of power balances and ecological crisis – and overall the perceived loss of positive perspectives for the future of humankind.

The Phillips Tower, constructed in 1969 as the company’s headquarters, sparked much debate due to its location within the historical fabric of the lower tower. It was notable at the time for its state-of-art locally- produced steel construction elements and curtain walls. Although some consider the tower an eye-sore and would like it to be demolished, this would simply mean to deny its existing qualities. Such an approach has led all the way back to the creation of the famed Boulevard Anspach and Place De Brouckere in place of poorer productive neighbourghoods linked to the Senne river. MULTI is therefore currently being carefully dismantled and stripped of reusable materials before transformation in order to preserve its legacy. The guided tour will focus on its current state of in-between, neither ruin nor project, and the specificities of the deconstruction initiative.

Join the Urban guides organized by Urban and visit MULTI.

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