CONIX RDBM Architects | Press conference: Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Press conference: Vrije Universiteit Brussel

15 Oct 2013

On Friday the 29th of March 2013, we had the honor to present our VUB-project to the press.

Previously, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel launched an ambitious architectural competition in order to become Belgium’s most sustainable, ecological, qualitative and future-minded campus. CONIX RDBM Architects ended up winning the contest , together with Group Talboom, 3E, OCB, Venac and Dirk Vandekerkhove Landschapsarchitecten.

The VUB praised the intelligent and refined approach to our concept transforming the current VUB-campus into a cluster of buildings with various functions, situated alongside the Triomflaan, that will strengthen the inherent qualities of the open and green campus. This entirely renewed complex will entail 650 student rooms, brand new auditoriums and research areas, a council chamber, public facilities and culture infrastructure. The versatility of the design creates an integral campus characterized by both unity as well as diversity.

The new student accommodation, an impressive and elongated building complex, will be built on the outside borders of the campus, allowing in this way to reinforce the urban character of the site alongside the Triomflaan, but at the same time also to protect the open, green and central campus from within. However, the transparency and the interconnectivity between the city and the campus will be remained at all times by an intriguing volume play and by interceding the linearity with a wide and green avenue that reaches deep into the heart of the campus.

Two landmarks, functioning as some kind of beacon, will highlight the transition and the accessibility from the urban outside world to the university. First, a cultural tower, known as the ‘Kultuurkaffee’, will be given a prominent place adjacent to the Triomflaan, inviting students and outsiders to participate in cultural activities. Second, a research tower, rather positioned on campus, reflects the research and academic culture of the university.

With this concept, we succeeded in further developing the VUB-campus as a vibrant community within Brussels, capital of Belgium and Europe, where a diversity of cultures, languages and people interact. The new VUB-site will be regarded as one of a kind, where students can benefit from high quality education and live in trendy and comfortable student rooms, located at an open, flexible and sustainable campus with an international appearance.

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