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31 janv. 2022
1. Design meeting of CONIX RDBM Architects - Christine Conix

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This week Christine Conix is taking over the INSTAGRAM-account @WomeninArchitectureBelgium for six days, posting content daily about the architectural profession, her inspirations, her life as an architect and her firm. The platform aims to showcase the broad experience of women in architecture and provide a platform for the role they play in the architectural field.

DAY 1 – takeover by Christine Conix @conixrdbmarchitects

“Architecture is teamwork: it demonstrates the ability to collaborate, your openness to different approaches and readiness to involve the right experts at the right moment.” Christine Conix, CONIX RDBM Architects.

Our team has grown slowly, is firmly rooted in the Belgian architectural world and designs from a multidisciplinary perspective. We apply the principles of ‘fluid organisation’ within the company, which also boasts specialist units dedicated to research and innovation.

CONIX RDBM Architects @conixrdbmarchitects regularly works on large-scale projects. For this reason, we’ve created a family of in-house experts and a team of external collaborators. We’re glad to rely on the expertise of CONIX COOL INTERIOR @conix_coolinteriors  and LiPS for our urban and public commissions, and on Rothuizen @rothuizen_  for circular building and engineering work. Companies where men and women jointly take the lead.

We love architecture. We’re passionate about the job. We pour our hearts and souls into every project. Our work is bespoke and we seek personal connections with our commissioners, the residents and our clients. Our projects are not generic, but born of the places with which, over time, they will form an integral whole. We value the locations in which we work and regularly meet (Antwerp, Brussels, Rotterdam, Terneuzen and Amsterdam). Since December 2021, we’ve been operating out of our new headquarters in Antwerp: CASA CONIX.

1/ A CONIX RDBM Architects design meeting. Photo by ©CONIX RDBM Architects

2/ People have roots, just like trees. They are nourished by their surroundings and social milieu, as well as by their family and the spirit of the times. Photo by ©Chris Leipelt – Unsplash

3/ Quote by CONIX RDBM Architects

4/ On-site workshop, Architecture is Teamwork. Photo by ©CONIX RDBM Architects

5/ Communicating our ideas is a major part of the job and, for this, we often rely on gestures. Artwork by Bruce Nauman. Photo by  jsnyder42

6/ The team at CASA CONIX, our new location in Antwerp. Photo by ©CONIX RDBM Architects